Service Tips

Here are a few things to try before calling for service repair.

  • Do not start and stop the unit, the compressor can be damaged.

  • Check your batteries in thermostat.

  • Make sure that all the switches of your thermostat are in the correct position.

  • Make sure that your circuit breakers are in the ON position.

  • Make sure that your filters are clean.

  • Check the air access if you have a ground unit.

If your service needs are Heat Pump related:

  • Don’t turn your thermostat off during cold weather.

  • If you have an electronic thermostat, don’t set back the temperature setting during night time hours.

  • During cold months, even in Arizona, frost and ice may appear on the outside unit. This is normal and in this case the heat pump may go into a defrost cycle. During a defrost cycle, for a few minutes the noise of your heat pump will change and steam can come out. This is normal.

  • Some cooler air can come for a few minutes during a defrost cycle.

  • Don’t turn your thermostat off during a defrost cycle.

Common issues possibly effecting your system: 

  • Frayed, burnt or otherwise damaged wiring.

  • Rusted connections.

  • Animal fluids.

After troubleshooting first, if you still find yourself in need of expert service, please call. We'll be happy to help!

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